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The first official Russian cryptocurrency built on paramining. +20-8PARATAX = 12 per month on your balans. Register +5 coins. promo code 5d9be18d4cc70.Works with all Eastern banks.1. To register you need mail.., it's mandatory. 2. On the Prizmtorg website before registering on It. You need to go down the site and there click on the inscription wallet. And a new PRIZM wallet page will open. Then click on register and the system itself will generate 12 words. And you will need to add 3 or 4 more of your words through the space. As soon as the words are enough the system will stop. This will be your personal password from your PRIZM coin wallet. Be sure to save it this is important. 3.Click the login button and insert your password from these words. Entering the wallet you will see the number of your wallet. Here is this my as example PRIZM-XDTP-JKNK-GSPN-ALHP5 by clicking On him will have discovered RQ code and in bottom his all data your purse. The public key as an example is my 2b5d0b71d72906a03554b2d878a249feb8441f11dc457d0b78f844db3ae7826c and ID: 14087953037278527296. Then exit the wallet and then log back in making sure that you have everything up and running correctly. After that, go back to the Prizmatorg website and start registering. Do everything that the site will offer. And do not forget to insert a promo code to get 5 referral coins. After you enter the site and get 5 coins. You go down the site and insert your wallet and your public key into a special frame. And click on the button: Save wallet and payment sistem. And you will be sent a password to the mail. Paste it on the site and your data is saved. After you correctly make all registration write me a letter in which send me your PRIZM wallet number and public key. And I on your might initially'll send 0.11 coins and after as you their arrive at write me skype:vek964 and I'll sendyou still 1.5 coins. That with them to do further write then.